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5 reasons you should choose Gardoolet for your next event

Whether you’re hosting a big family gathering, a birthday celebration or even a wedding, you’ll want to offer your guests a memorable activity – and you’d be right to do so! Discover our hand-crafted wooden game that will make any event unforgettable, both for you and your guests.

Upgrade your social event with Gardoolet, the perfect outdoor game for weddings and events. Gardoolet is a game that’s a clever blend of GARDen, pOOL and croquET, where players swing a croquet-style mallet with the aim of hitting a ball through a pool-like pocket. A game only lasts 10 minutes, so everyone will have the opportunity to play and may even become experts by the end of the day, making some new friends along the way. With this great addition to your event, you’ll be sure to keep your guests busy and stir up many strong emotions, including competitive spirit and joy!

1.​ ​Surprise your guests with a new game
It’s important you make your event memorable – surprising your guests can make your event

unique, and an activity like Gardoolet can create this much sought-after wow effect.

Many events choose to have traditional and contemporary wooden games at their events, such as croquet, giant Jenga, or french boules. While Gardoolet may look like and use the basics of some other traditional wooden games, it’s a truly different game sure to pique the curiosity of those that play. With Gardoolet, you will delight your guests by ensuring moments of conviviality, sharing and entertainment, while trying something new!

2.​ ​Gardoolet is the perfect ice-breaker
‘An hour of play discovers more than a year of conversation.’ This famous adage​ ​from the

philosopher Plato​ ​is true, and you’ll be able to quickly try and prove it during your event.

When you organize an event, guests don’t always know each other very well. Whether they are strangers, old friends, in-laws or cousins who never see each other, your first objective is to make everyone feel at ease. To prevent the atmosphere from being intimidating or boring for some of your guests and to ensure that your loved ones have fun throughout, consider organising an activity or game – but not just any game!

With Gardoolet, you can play in teams or one-on-one, it’s up to you. Either way, it will help keep your guests occupied and promote communication. Allowing your guests the opportunity to chat to those they wouldn’t normally interact with, wonderful memories will be created as they bond over laughter and competition.

3.​ ​Create lasting memories

Providing many fantastic photo opportunities, your photographer will be able to capture moments of fun and concentration while your guests play Gardoolet – perfect to add one-of-a-kind memories to your photo album! What’s more, if you choose to organise a vintage theme or country-style event, this game will make your setting and venue even more memorable and on point, with a retro touch that will be appreciated by all!

4.​ ​An easy game that everyone can play

Gardoolet is a compact and easy-to-play game that perfectly suits all kind of events and large family gatherings, regardless of the outfits and physical condition of your guests. In fact, all that’s needed is a suitable site on a level lawn or grassed area, coupled with a decent wrist, competitive spirit and good teamwork skills! It doesn’t take up lots of room at your venue either, requiring a space of just 4x2m or larger, and can be easily and quickly installed and played to create new moments and unforgettable memories.

5.​ ​Reuse Gardoolet for your next event

Gardoolet was made to last, so you can pass it on for generations, making it your very own traditional wooden game. Crafted and assembled in North Norfolk, this high-quality local game was manufactured with the finest and sturdiest material and coated with premium Danish oil to give it even more durability. Bring Gardoolet to each and every one of your events, big white weddings, family gatherings, garden parties or anniversaries and it’ll always bring something a little different that your guests will never forget. With its green bag with handles, you’ll be able to cautiously take care of your game and store it easily after each of your celebrations.

Gardoolet will make your event instantly better. What can be better than a good band, delicious amuse-bouches, your favourite drink in hand and a competitive and fun game to play in an English garden? So, let’s get the party started, with a spot of Gardoolet!

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