How to organise the best garden party to end summer beautifully?

Take advantage of the last few moments of this beautiful English summer and consider organising a garden party. Here at Gardoolet, the classic garden party is a summer staple and we have the perfect recipe to make your event one to remember… 

Create a comfortable and welcoming area

If you are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space, create different sections: a food corner, a lounge section to chat and relax with footstools and hammocks, and a play area. Install furniture and objects that are easy to move around – it’s well known that our beautiful English weather can be quite unpredictable!

Don’t forget the lighting for when the sun goes down. Just because it’s the evening, it doesn’t mean that you should call it a night! Add small lanterns or string lights for romantic and rural decoration at nightfall.

Keep your guests refreshed all day long

Create a self-service bar area with wine, beer, gin and soft drinks on hand. Why not consider creating a homemade punch or even Pimms and lemonade too? For your guests to conveniently prepare their favourite beverages, add enough bottles of fruit juices and mixers, and ensure fresh fruit and ice cubes are readily available.

Ice is an absolute necessity to keep your drinks cool all day, so consider installing a cooler or a water tray in the bar area. If you’re preparing your ice cubes in advance, why not add fruit such as raspberries or lemon wedges and herbs such as mint or basil to them? This simple little trick will add a sophisticated touch to your drinks.

Enchant your guests’ taste buds

Opt for simple and easy-to-prepare dishes that your guests can eat easily, sitting or standing. Instead of making a single big dish, offer several small dishes, such as tapas or even an array of sandwiches. Not the most original, but everyone loves a barbecue, so consider preparing chicken and spicy vegetable skewers, with couscous salads, green salads, homemade hummus and fresh bread. Feel free to put seasonal fruits and vegetables on the menu too; it will be all the more colourful. On the other hand, avoid foods that may lose freshness with heat, such as mayonnaise.

You can also prepare a cheese board, and for the ones with a sweet tooth, offer desserts after the main meal – cakes, pies, fruit salad or ice cream will do just fine.

Brighten your guests’ day with Gardoolet

Now that all of your guests have a belly full of delicious food, with a glass of their favourite drink in hand, it is time for some fun and games! Why not make Gardoolet the hero of your garden party? It’s quick and simple to play, meaning there is fun to be had for everyone! 

A clever mix of garden, pool and croquet, Gardoolet is a lively game, perfect to enjoy with your family and friends. Once you’ve understood its simple rules, the game only lasts 10 minutes, so everyone will have the opportunity to play as much as they want and even take their revenge, or keep their winner’s title. Its fast-paced rhythm makes it highly entertaining, as you quickly get caught up in the competition. You will never get bored, whether you play, watch or support your fellow party-goers.

Gardoolet simply requires a good wrist, dexterity, a little strength and sometimes a hint of luck. Play in teams or individually, after all, it’s up to your preferences, your competitive spirit and your teamwork skills. 

Crafted and assembled in North Norfolk, Gardoolet is produced locally and thoughtfully designed to last for generations. We use the finest and the sturdiest material to manufacture the set so that you can securely store and transport the game for years to come. So, why not give Gardoolet a go? Soon enough, it will become your ultimate garden party go-to and an annual summer-time tradition!

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